Black College Sports History

Saint Augustine's University George Williams Named Olympic Men's Track Coach
George Williams Head Men Track & Field Coach for the United States of America for the 2004 Olympics " Peers and I know we'll all work together and try to make one of the best Olympic Track & Field Teams ever and try and win as many Olympic medals as have ever won " Video
Johnson C. Smith University Partners With NASA to Host Workshops During 2006 CIAA Basketball Tournament  (
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), in partnership with Johnson C. Smith University, will host an In-Service/Pre-Service Teacher Workshop during the 2006 CIAA Basketball Tournament.  During this two-day workshop from Thursday, March 2-3, 8:00am-12:00pm, NASA Aerospace Education Specialists will provide future K-8 teachers and higher education faculty members with new ways to enhance their ability to teach mathematics and science using technology.  IBCSTV: NASA  Information Specialist Craig Froman comments at the 2004 CIAA-NASA Hookup.  video
The CREATOR ultimate father to all,  rock of the disenfranchise,  said "People  Color shall have opportunities beyond Sports & Entertainment". God Bless A&T
 Robert G. Reid - first black elected Mayor in PA . I'm going to tell you what A&T did for me after sports. Video
Its time to wake up and change the situation  Video

Stealing A&T Praise: “The Joint School for Nanoscience and Nanoengineering….. built on the major nano-technology research activity that had been established at nearby Wake Forest and at NCA&T”
"This tract of land is part of the Seventy Five acres we carved out for Gateway University Research Park." said Chancellor Martin before the Special Committee of the Board of Trustees to evaluate the Florida Street Extension April 5, 2013. NC We gave up 75 acres of the Farm.  Allege Chancellor Martin [North Carolina A&T State University Staff Senate Full Body Meeting Minutes Thursday, September 24, 2009  Video

Recommended by Chancellors  Renick and Sullivan, NC A&T and UNC-G Board of
Trustees duplicate Resolutions: In Support of The Creation of a Joint Millennial Campus between NC A&T and UNCG, dated Aug. 22, 2003,  and Aug. 28, 2003 ,   calling  for seeking designation of Joint Millennial Campus in terms of the Central North Carolina School of the Deaf  real estate, transferred to UNC Board of Governors for the purpose of establishing a Joint Millennial Campus.  Universities' resolution seek designation of a Joint Millennial without a syllable pertaining to  a 75-acre parcel of NCA&T farmland, statutory foreclosed Phillips  alleged NCA&T/UNCG Joint Millennial Campus.  And NC Chancellor Harold Martin "This tract of land is part of the Seventy Five acres we carved out for Gateway University Research Park."  NC A&T Resolution maybe bogus.