Notwithstanding Union Square Campus, Inc. (Landlord) and NCA&T and UNC-G (Tennant) leases were not approved by the State Property Office nor pursuant UNC President delegated authority. Public Record documents implicate University Chancellors claimed to be duly authorized to execute leases on behalf of the corporation - the catalyst for fraudulent conveyance of land, improvements, loans, and lease fees to Union Square Campus, Inc..  
  • Public record documents indicate, DEVELOPERíS OBLIGATIONS FOR DEVELOPMENT OF AND IMPROVEMENTS TO PROPERTY, The schedule for the project, subject to receipt of all anticipated sources of funding, proposes construction beginning in early 2015 and completion and opening of the first building of the campus in the summer of 2016.
  • Public record documents indicate, Charles Perusse, Chief Operating Officer UNC-GA: Dear Chancellor Martin: On April 11, 2014, the Board of Governors of The University of North Carolina approved the following: A lease up to 25,000 square feet at no more than $587,500 a year for 10 years from Union Square Campus, Inc. --This item has been forwarded to the Council of State for final approval.
  • Public record documents indicate, "Michael Byers" To: Jonathan Womer (07. 2014) Subject:  Union Square Campus lease ďAs we discussed, John Webb in the State Property Office has asked that we use the UNC-GA delegated authority for acquisition by lease to obtain the leases for UNCG and NCA&T for the Union Square Campus initiative rather than sending it through State Property and Council of State.
  • Public record documents indicate, T. Books Skinner, Associate Vice President for Legal Affairs. To Charles Waldrup, Michael Byers, Subject: Re; UNCG&NCA&T lease documents for Union Square Campus, AS I understand it, SPO asked for these leases to execute under the President's authority. Once approved, the President delegates signature authority to the Chancellor, emphasis added.
  • Public record documents indicate,  Bruce Warrington UNC-GA: John, we do not have a lease on record reflecting a UNC-GA agreement for Union Square in Greensboro, emphasis added. Our records reflect that this was an agreement between NCA&T and UNC-Greensboro and other parties.
  • Public record documents indicate, UNC-G Chancellor Linda P. Brady, January 14th 2014, signed Lease  Agreement between Union Square Campus, Inc. (Landlord) and The University of North Carolina Greensboro (Tenant) location Union Square Campus, Corner of Lee Street and Arlington Street, Greensboro NC, prior to April 10, 2014 submission Acquisition of Space by Lease NCA&T and UNCG  to UNC Board of Governors and Jan. 2015 determination Union Square Campus would be located on corner of Arlington St. & Lee Street St.    Public record documents indicate, NCA&T Chancellor Harold Martin, Sr. signed off on Leased Agreement Union Square Campus, Inc.  (Landlord) and North Carolina A&T State University (Tenant) January 20th 2015 Union Square  06.03.17