CIAA Celebrates Black History Month

Charlotte, NC (February 1, 2018)- The CIAA proudly celebrates black history 365 days of the year and joins the nation in the month of February in highlighting the positive contributions of African Americans by celebrating Black History Month. Student-athletes from CIAA member institutions provided feedback to three questions referring to Black History Month asked by the CIAA: What does Black History Month mean to you? Who is someone from your institution, past or present, that you admire? And Is there a favorite event or tradition that you practice during Black History Month? Several of the student-athletes will be featured on social media posts, that will be showcased throughout the month of February.
What does Black History Month mean to you?  Shalom Omo-Osagie (Volleyball | Bowie State University
Black History Month, to me, means the opportunity and the ability to celebrate the impeccable African Americans who came before me. In all honesty, it shouldn't be only a month. We should learn about the amazing African American men and women, the ones we don't hear about, everyday. But I am glad that we are given time to talk about, explore, and marvel in the spectacular contributions African Americans have made toward this country throughout the years. As an African American creative woman   myself, it means that I get a platform to not only learn about these
Amir Hall (Football | Bowie State University)
At Bowie State University, one person I admire and look up to is my football coach, Moses Ware. Coach Ware has been coaching me for about three years now and it has been a great experience. He is a father of three girls, and although he doesn't physically live with them, he supports and cares for them as if he's with them every moment. He motivates me to work hard everyday and to chase after my dreams. Although, I have chosen Coach Ware, there are many individuals from Bowie State university who I look up to and who have shaped me into the person I am today.
 people, but apply it through song, dance, and plays to show my gratitude.  At your institution, is there an African American former student-athlete, coach, administrator or professor that you admire, who is it? And why? At Bowie State, I admire my coach Bernadette Carroll. I admire her for many different reasons. Her strength, her determination, her tough love, and her ability to juggle and balance whatever life throws at her, and still succeed. Coming into the volleyball program I was not very sure of how well I would fit in with the team. As a walk on I was very nervous and concerned on whether or not I was going to do well, since I hadn't played volleyball since high school. Above all odds, Coach Carroll welcomed me with open arms, encouraged me day after day, and always had patience with me.While having patience she continues to challenge me and push me to my limits, which makes me excited for next season as I grow in the program with her.

If you have a favorite event or tradition during Black History Month, provide a statement on why you partake every year.

My favorite event during Black History Month has changed throughout the years. I've always loved performing, so I have always involved in some type of showcase or school assembly which included dancing, singing, or acting, since elementary school. Almost every year I find some sort of showcase to enter into to enlighten the audience about something significant to Black History Month and I give myself a platform for all the creative ideas that run through my head.